Our story

Founded in 2017, Shenzhen ATESS Power Technology Co., Ltd is a global supplier of solar energy storage and EV charging solutions, who is dedicated to developing and delivering affordable clean energy to every corner of the world, offering our customers worldwide the possibility for energy independence.

Based in Shenzhen, China, ATESS has a sophisticated and automated manufacturing plant. An international service network with offices and warehouses has been built on 5 continents to ensure fast shipping and after-sale service.

Our products

Energy storage systems

Shenzhen Atess Power Technology Co., Ltd, in addition to energy storage systems for businesses (up to 150kW), also offers modular energy storage installed in 10, 20 or 40 foot ISO containers.

ATESS-branded containers are also equipped with a fire alarm system and fixed fire extinguishing equipment for early smoke detection, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as a monitoring system to protect against burglary and theft.

EV chargers

The ATESS solutions include all-in-one hybrid inverters, battery inverters and lithium battery solutions. Inverters range from 5 kW up to 1MW, covering both residential, commercial and utility application scenarios. The EV charger portfolio is composed of 3kW to 300kW AC and DC electric vehicle chargers for home and public charging stations, compatible with all mainstream EVs in the market, so far as to e-buses and e-ferries. Ever since the company founded, its products have been installed in over 60 countries around the globe.

Application of industrial energy storage

  1. Peak shaving
    Utilize electricity price difference, charge battery at low price and discharge at high price to maximize system profit, compensate local transformer limit.
  2. Back-up
    Storage battery provide back-up power supply for unstable grid, during grid failure, seamless switches to off-grid mode within 20ms to realize uninterruptible supply.
  3. Micro-grid
    Rural areas, home, shop, school or villa use, majorly realize self consumption from solar, support automatic DG connection and control as back-up power.
  4. Large scale off-grid
    In remote islands or villages where grid is not available, solar storage system works as the main power source, DG as back-up, the solution can reduce fuel cost and air pollution. Solution also suitable in areas with unstable grid for hybrid application.

  5. Grid Support
    Voltage, PF, Frequency regulation for traditional thermal power plants by supplying or absorbing active/reactive power to or from the grid on demand.

  6. Renewable energy firming
    Firm renewable energy source to avoid grid inrush, reduce energy waste caused by renewable limitation by storing energy in battery, maximize system profit

Application of EV chargers

  1. Residential AC EV Charging Station

    • Flexible plug-and-charge or APP start charge

    • Integrated RCD, safe and reliable

    • Maintenance window for easy cable connection

  2. Commercial EV Charging Solution

    • Charging control via APP or RFID

    • Integrated RCD, safe and reliable

    • Flexible mounting on wall or floor

  3. Commercial DC Fast Charging Station
    Large capacity charging station suitable for electrical buses and cars supporting fast charging

    • Build-in isolating transformer, safe and reliable

    • Optional AC socket, up to 4 ports charging´╝Ť

    • Hidden design, charging plug accessible only when authorized

More information: https://www.atess.com.pl