Professional solar module manufacturer and comprehensive energy solution provider

Hanersun is a worldwide professional solar module manufacturer and comprehensive energy solution provider. We provide the customers with cutting edge solar modules, and comprehensive services for the entire project life cycle. As of the end of 2022, Hanersun has cumulatively delivered over 11GW solar modules to thousands of customers in more than 50 countries, and has developed and built 600MW of solar projects in Asia Pacific. Our branches have been set up in Europe, the US, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Pakistan to provide seamless services for local customers.


Focus on solar and become a global leader in clean energy industry.


Make affordable solar power within reach
and create a better life for customers, employees and society.


Hanersun is committed to the continuous R & D and production process optimization of solar modules and has launched the 210 large wafer module and Topcon module. With the rapid change of technology, Hanersun still manages to provide customers with high-performance and high-quality solar products.


Material Control

  • Flawless supplier management and evaluation system
  • Strict incoming-material inspection standards
  • 100% batch inspection
  • Fixed temperature and humidity storage environment
  • Sophisticated disposal process of defective products

IN-Production Control

  • 52 quality check points
  • 3 times EL tests
  • 100% data monitoring by MES system
  • Experienced quality team
  • 0 defect quality management concept
  • Authoritative third-party calibration

Post-Production Control

  • 20% of inspection rate
  • Random sampling test according to customer requirements
  • Quality objectives of 0 customer complaint
  • 100% of delivery qualification rate

Long-Term Guarantee

  • Conduct a full series of cycling tests once a quarter
  • The annual extreme condition testing in authoritative testing organization
  • Preserve modules of every batch for performance monitoring
  • Irregularly conduct environmental tests under TC200, HF10, DH1000, Hot-spot, PID, Lid, and etc..

Hitouch5 CP18-60HT450W datasheet